Optional Extras


Lockable Drop Bolt

  • Throw: 140 mm.
  • Lockable drop bolt with cylinder.
  • Same drilling pattern as VSF and VSA. 
  • Possibility to work with same key as gatelock.
  • Height adjustability of the drop bolt: 100mm.
  • Height adjustability on 3 positions: 50 mm / position.
  • The gate can be locked in open or closed position.
  • For gate profiles 30×30 mm or more.


Surface Mounted Dropbolt with Aluminium Bolt

  • Aluminium pin.
  • Aluminium head block and housing.
  • For profiles as of 40mm or more.  
  • Height adjustability of the drop bolt: 100mm.
  • Throw: 140mm
  • Locks itself between the wings of the gate.
  • Fast and easy fixing with Quick-Fix.
  • Easy to retrofit.


Aluminium Gate Hold-Back Catch

  • Aluminium powder coated chassis.
  • Anchoring holes for fast, strong fixing concrete.
  • Height adjustability of the catch hook: 40mm.
  • Stop rubber and polyamide catch hook avoid damaging the gate.
  • Stop rubber adjustments for profiles 40mm to 60mm.
  • Reversibility of the catch hook: pre-mounted with hook up to catch the underside of the gate.


Bolt-On Off-Centered Ground Stop

  • Strong surface mounted ground stop for double wing gates. Black anodised aluminium top plate.
  • Suitable for surface mounted drop bolts.
  • Maximum drop bolt axle diameter: 20mm.
  • Adjustable in depth, different gate profiles possible: VSA – VSF – Keydrop: 40 – 60mm; Electradrop: 40 – 50mm.
  • Anchor pins included.


BL4409 Keypad Lock - Pedestrian Gates Only

  • Marine grade, free turning lever keypad.
  • Updated inside rim-fixed slam latch.
  • New style knob turn device with holdback function.
  • Please specify the gate orientation when ordering.

As an alternative to our standard looking handles for our pedestrian gates, we are able to supply and fit the Borg BL4409 keypad lock, high-quality robust option to high traffic areas, removing the need for keyed access.