Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

This policy has been published in accordance with the provisions of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. It sets out the steps taken by Ready Made Gates Ltd, to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in its business and supply chains. This statement relates to the financial year ending 31/05/2023. 


The company has adopted as its values:


Integrity, Quality, Innovation, Commitment to Customers, Teamwork and Passion. 


With people at the centre of its core values, the company looks to ensure that the business and its responsibilities to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 are transparent within the organisation and with the suppliers of goods and services to our organisation.


We ensure the our policies respect human rights and recognise the rights of employees to have a respectful workplace.


For suppliers to our Company, we undertake a supplier approval process to ensure that all suppliers of goods and services adhere to this legislation and are required to provide a copy of their Anti-Slavery Policy and confirming said compliance. 


With our suppliers based out of the UK the potential risk of noncompliance is higher, the management recognise this risk and will process to maintain the standards required to be a supplier.


The company Directors and Senior Management team are responsible for the implementation and adherence of this policy. They also ensure that adequate resources and training will be available to ensure that human trafficking and slavery is not taking place within our company or within our supply chain.