Gate Posts


Gate Caps

  • Five year manufacturers guarantee.
  • Powder coated finish.
  • Standard colours available: Black and Grey  
  • Bespoke colours available on request.

The aluminium flagged gate posts allow the gates to become more versatile and fit into any space. They are designed to match the gates and can be used as stand alone posts to support the gates if there is no walling to be attached to, or to fill a gap between a wall and the gate.

Made from robust, lightweight, 3.5mm wall aluminium (5mm wall for heavy duty), these posts are strong, stable and lighter than traditional materials, they are available in four generic sizes.

The plastic post caps are the finishing touch for each post and have been designed to match the gates and the posts.


Adjustable Hinge

  • Large Hinge (RMGA03): 105mm x 50mm.
  • Small Hinge (RMGA07): 83mm x 40mm.
  • Metal components with black plastic casing.

The heavy duty adjustable hinge is used for support at the top and bottom of your full or partial privacy gate. It allows up to 35mm adjustment and comes with black plastic casing.


Floor-Mounted Hinge

  • Metal floor mounted hinge.
  • Dimensions: 111mm x 50mm x 30mm high.

The floor mounted hinge is used when the aluminium posts are needed. The floor mounted hinge provides the gate with extra support.


Rear Hanging Adjustable Hinge

  • Dimensions: 120mm(L) x 70mm(W) x 50mm(H).
  • Metal components with black plastic casing.

To be used when fitting our double gates behind an existing brick pier or our aluminium posts, this hinge allows for lateral adjustment making installation easier.


Lock Keep

  • Dimensions: 238mm x 50mm.
  • Black metal casing.

The black lock keep allows for the smooth opening and closing of your gate when used with the lock and handle set above. The sturdy structure gives you perfect security and peace of mind.


Gate Handle Set with Keys and Lock

  • Handle: 214mm x 28mm.
  • Lock Keep: 238mm x 50mm.
  • Black metal casing.
  • Five lever lock system

The black handle set consists of two smart, modern handles supplied with keys, fittings and lock. A secure locking handle for your gate.


Gate Stop

The black metal centre gate stop should be used to support the ornate gates when in a closed position to ensure that you have a secure closed gate.